Can’t Buy Premium Battlefield 3: Getting NU2001 or General Error

For the past 3 days, I’ve been trying to purchase BF3 Premium for my husband.

I was able to buy it for myself and my brother using my Paypal account, but when it came to my husband’s account, I kept getting

“General Error

An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Please, try again later.”

Yeah well, I tried and tried…
I was trying to buy it by logging into my husband’s origin account, clicking on Battlefield 3 in my Games sections, clicking on the I (for information), and this displays the expansion packs.
I buy the Premium, then the Origin window pops up. I’ve tried my paypal and my husband’s paypal account, both were getting the same error.
I tried to buy it by clicking on Play to open BF3 on my browser, clicking on Premium at the top right, and then got the same general error.
I tried it by entering my Visa debit card, but got NU2001 error (sigh)
I tried to buy it from Amazon using my Visa debit card, but apparently game downloads were only being offered in the US.
I saw an offer at, but… I didn’t know how that would work as I didn’t see an option to enter a game code in Origin.
I’ve attempted to contact EA Games Advisor, but the chat window that said “Wait Time: Under 5 minutes” didn’t budge after 15 minutes. (What kind of support is that >_>)
Solution that worked for me and I hope works for you too:
Buy it from the Origin store:
I wish I had the option to pay via paypal, but I had to enter my debit card there to make the purchase.  But at least it went through! I’ve read through so many forum posts that stated people had trouble contacting EA support, so I feel lucky I didn’t have to.
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